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Help – Using Action Enforcer

Below you’ll find a series of short videos, as well as some additional information to help you get up-and-running with Action Enforcer.

User’s Guide



The Windows version and the Mac Version are virtually identical, except for this:

Action lists:

On Windows, action lists are imported and exported. This means a dialog box opens to allow you to either open (import) the current action list (which is a .txt file) or save (export) it.

On the Mac, action lists are loaded or copied. When you click the link to load an action list, a box appears allowing you to manually enter the full directory path to the action list (.txt file) you wish to load, whether it exists on your computer or online. This is similar to importing on the Windows version.

Clicking the link to copy an action list will place the data for the currently displayed action list onto your clipboard. Paste that data into a source text file and save it to create a shareable action list. This is similar to exporting on the Windows version.


On Windows, reports data can be printed, saved, or copied to the clipboard.

On the Mac, reports data can only be copied. To print or save it, first copy it to your clipboard, then paste it into a text file and either save or print that file.

Be sure to click the full-screen button on each video for the best viewing experience!


Creating And Working With
Actions/Action Lists


Creating And Working With
Timers/Timer Groups



Q: Why does text appear twice (ttwwiiccee) when entering a new action?A: This is due to a strange conflict between Action Enforcer and a program called ActiveWords. A workaround is to either disable ActiveWords when using The Action Machine, or start Acton Enforcer first, prior to starting ActiveWords.

Q: I’m not seeing the entire interface, what’s wrong?A: This is usually due to your screen resolution settings. Action Enforcer requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Check to make sure yours is set to at least this setting.

Q: I cleaned up files on computer recently, and my saved data has disappeared. How can I get it back?A: Some Windows ‘cleaner’ utilities will remove the Action Enforcer data file (named ActionMachine.sol) when they ‘sweep’ your computer clean.To restore this file to its original location or to set your sweeper utility from removing it in the first place, you need to know its location on your computer, which is:Main Drive > Documents and Settings > [Your User Name] > Application Data > Macromedia > Flash Player > #SharedObjects > [Random Folder Name] > localhost > ActionMachinePL.sol(this path may vary slightly in different Windows operating systems environments)Or, for Windows Vista and Windows 7:Main Drive > Users > [Your User Name] > AppData > Roaming > Macromedia > Flash Player > #SharedObjects > [Random Folder Name] > localhost > ActionMachinePL.solSpecifically, the Action Enforcer data file is something CCleaner considers a Flash cookie. I believe it has an option to prevent the deletion of these (Flash cookies) in the cleanup process.If you set it to keep Flash cookies, you shouldn’t have this issue again.Note: If you’re running the online version of Action Enforcer, you’ll find the data file in a slightly different location. Instead of the URL ending in > localhost > ActionMachinePL.sol it will end in > > ActionMachinePL.sol (in other words, replace localhost with

Q: How can I minimize the system resources used by Action Enforcer?

A: For best results, minimize Action Enforcer to the System Tray when you’re not interacting or viewing it.